The Sleigh Riders are looking for some help with the 2012 Sleigh Riders 'Summer Series' Poker/Toy Run to be held on June 30th.  I know many of you every year express an interest in helping with either the Christmas toy run or now the 'Summer Series" event now in it's 2nd year.  So if your between bikes, your bike is on the lift or your saving for your first bike still, we'd love your help this June 30th.

Volunteer help of all kind is needed.  The biggest job will be at the Beavers Den Leather stop where riders will have to arm BB Gun Rifles and shoot the card they want so all help at this stop will have to be over 18 years of age and there is no drinking for volunteers at this stop.  As you will see these positions take multiple people so we are looking for one person to take charge of the task at hand and staff their own team to help. If you want a specific task it will be first come first served or if you want to just throw your hat in the ring to help wherever needed we'll let you know.

Here is a breakdown of help needed:

  • Registration - Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson [2-3 people]
  • Card table volunteer - Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson [2-4 people]
  • Card table volunteer - Bob's Coffee Shop in LaPorte [2-4 people]
  • Card table volunteer - Beavers Den Leather [BB Guns involved-4/6 people]
  • Card table volunteer - Site TBD in Lyons or Longmont [2-4 people]
  • Traffic Control -The Boot Grill [3-4 people]
  • Card table volunteer - The Boot Grill [4-6 people]
  • Poker Hand Judge - Must have experience playing poker and know the hands

If you can help out please email me and let me know what you would like to do and we'll see you in June.