Who doesn't love a good parade! And when it comes to parades the Greeley Stampede Parade is one of the premier parades in the entire country and the Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run has been invited back to participate this year.

Last years parade was our first time putting an entry in the worlds largest 4th of July parade and when all the smoke had cleared, the Greeley Tribune had mentioned that the Sleigh Riders were a crowd favorite, right behind the Longhorns.

Sleigh Riders - 2012 Stampede Parade

Hey, we love Longhorns, so our work is cut out for us should we ever desire to overthrow their mighty power.  But in all honesty, it's all about the kids.  Kids love a good parade, they love animals and motorcycles and being a Sleigh Rider fulfills many emotions in all of us; it's why we are proud to call ourselves Sleigh Riders with our primary mission being to help less fortunate kids from birth to now college with the addition of our college scholarship fund.

So there you go, it's on. Thursday July 4th.  We have created an event page on FB and you can click on that link below for more details or to join the event.  Our goal this year is 50 motorcycles and we hope you might be one of them.

Speaking of college scholarship monies, don't forget about our big Summer Series Poker/Toy Run on Sunday June 30th this year. Every penny we raise from this event goes directly towards what we call "Sleigh Rides" for graduating High School seniors.  Recipients from both Weld and Larimer county, upon completing our application process, will qualify for the money to be applied to a college of their choice anywhere here in Colorado.

The Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run is a 501(c)3 so your donations anytime are tax deductible.  Just visit our website for ways to donate, fill out the college scholarship application or to pre-register for our big event on Sunday, June 30th.