Bikini belly is a bit vague, cause ones flat belly may be anothers chub, but hey if it helps lets see what we can do.


  • Stop eating Cheetos
  • Start doing Elbow Planks: Lay on the floor supporting your body weight with your toes (feet apart) and your forearms, now, if you have survived this move, push your butt up in the air and back down, butt wait, while doing the push up butt part stretch out your one leg and touch your toes to the heel of your other foot
    michellewright/flickr Elbow Plank
    • Power Squat Chop: Standing straight up hold your arms above your head with your hands clasped together, legs apart and squat with your arms coming down on the left side, back up and do it again with arms coming down on the right side
    • Are you okay?
    • V-Ups: Basically lay on the floor flat on your back they bring your hands together and make a V... bend up towards your feet as your legs are lifting up towards you
    • No, you cannot now have Cheetos

    Do these everyday, yes all three of them either together or spread out throughout the day and you will have success...

    If this doesn't seem like it will work for you, by a Sarong and wrap it around yourself, no one will know, especially if you don't swim and when you are tanning it all flattens out when you lie down anyway. Happy Summer!