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The Legendary Highwaymen Rode Into Town on This Date in 1985
What happens when four of the biggest stars in all of music get together and form a supergroup? We discovered the answer to that back in 1985. It was on this date that The Highwaymen were on top of the country album chart. This was something very special.
Weekly Words of Wisdom From the Mind of Brian Gary
Well this has been one of those weeks where I have needed a little extra inspiration to get through. Life has a tendency to throw you a bunch of unexpected curve-balls and it can be a challenge to try to hit them or at least dodge them. Here are a few of the things that popped into my head to help m…
Help Me Wish My Amazing Mother a Happy Birthday
I am one of those fortunate ones who grew up with nothing but love and support. My mother has always been my biggest fan and supporter. She has been everything a mother is supposed to be and I have never felt anything but love. I still adore the fact that I am her little boy and always will be.
Back to School Time - What is Your Favorite High School Sport?
The sight of overloaded backpacks and skateboards is starting to pop up around Northern Colorado as it is back to school time. Keep your eyes and ears open out there on your commute as there will be more young men and women out on or around the streets.
Praying This is the Final Day of the Kidney Stone Chronicles
This could be the day. If all the kidney dust has settled I should be at the end of my kidney stone adventure. I am sure you are as ready to quit hearing about it as I am to quit feeling it. Let this be it. I have been to this stage before so I am not counting my chickens yet because we have had som…
Greeley Stampede Rodeo Featured in Movie on Netflix [VIDEO]
We have always been very proud of the Greeley Stampede and all it brings to the area. We know the event was built on rodeo and rodeo is what is featured in a documentary on Netflix which shows off action at the Greeley Stampede. The show is called "American Rodeo: A Cowboy Christmas"
The Country Song Everyone Knows Hit Number One in 1951 [VIDEO]
When it comes to iconic country songs they don't get more iconic than Hank Williams and his 1951 number one hit "Hey Good Lookin'". It was on this date that it reached the top of the charts and changed country music forever. The outlaw blood starting flowing like never before tha…