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Weekly Words of Wisdom From the Mind of Brian Gary
This is going to be a beautiful weekend. We are coming off a big Bronco win and the weather will be perfect to get out and take in the gorgeous Colorado scenery. It's a great time to clear your mind and breathe that Rocky Mountain air. There is purifying magic in that air.
A Couple of Adult Alternatives to Trick or Treating
Halloween is just around the corner. The night for kids to dress up and get sacks full of candy. Adults will dress up in costumes and go to bars for costume contests and drinks with eyeballs in them and so on. There is a way for people of all ages to celebrate the day.
Sometimes You Just Need to Get on the Floor and Play
There are few things that are better for you than laughing and there is nothing that can make you laugh like a child. My wife is out of town watching our other two grandchildren so I have been in charge of the boys when my daughter is working. I pick them up from school and we play all day until the…
The Legendary Classy Cowboy Alan Jackson Turns 60 Today [VIDEO]
I remember sitting here in this building in 1989 when a new record by a big tall blond dude from Newnan, Georgia came across my desk. It was a song called 'Here in the Real World" by a guy named Alan Jackson. You knew the minute you heard his voice that this guy was destined to be a supers…
Halloween Costume Idea - Be Ray Liotta From Chantix Commercial
Okay this is a rather weird thing to write about but that is the way I roll. I know that Halloween is coming up very soon and many will be looking for a good and creative last minute costume idea. If you really want to frighten someone, go as Ray Liotta from the Chantix commercials.
Happy Pharmacy Technician Day - Thanks for Keeping Us Medicated
Today is National Pharmacy Technician Day. There are many of us who count on them every day. I sure appreciate the job you do. I have to take several medications daily and it is so nice to go in and see a friendly and helpful face there to assist me. Medicine can be confusing and unpleasant and you …
It's National Pug Day! Hug a Pug Today [PICTURES]
Today is National Pug Day! I love pugs and have since the first time one snorted it's way by me. I have had 3 of them in my lifetime. I started with a gorgeous little girl named Wynonna who gifted us with one baby that we could not part with. We kept that little one and named her Mini-Pug.
I Found an Old K99 Cookbook With Chris LeDoux's Gumbo Recipe
I was going through some boxes of old things over the weekend when I found an old "K99 Country Recipes" cookbook. It was back in the 90's at some point that we put out a cookbook featuring recipes from the K99 staff, listeners and some country stars. I had forgotten all about this boo…