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The 'Country as a Tater' Voice of Josh Turner Turns 41 Today
There are some people that were just born to do what they do. Josh Turner is one of those people. He was blessed with a voice that was made for us to enjoy and listen to. I can't imagine what a waste it would have been if he was just fixing toilets or roofing houses and only his coworkers ever …
40 of My Favorite Memories - Vol 6 Moments With Chris LeDoux
I am counting down some of my favorite moments of my career here at K99 as I get ready to ride off into the sunset on January 25 after the Habajeeba Show at the UCCC. I have had the greatest career anyone in radio could dream of and have had many memorable moments and I am enjoying sharing a few.
40 of My Favorite Memories - Vol 5 The Estes Park Bus Fight
I am reliving some of my most vivid, fun, odd or important moments of my radio career as we countdown to my departure on January 25. I have less than 40 shows to go and I am sure going to miss being on the radio with you each day. I thank you again for giving me a life that is beyond anyone's w…
40 of My Favorite Memories - Vol 4 Our First Big Concert Intro
I am reliving some of my favorite memories of my 30+ years at K99 as we wind down to a close of this chapter in my life. I am featuring a different memory each day to reflect on. Today we go back to the very first big time concert intro we ever did at K99.
Weekly Words of Wisdom From the Mind of Brian Gary
My countdown to leaving K99 is at 37 shows to go and then wrap it all up January 25 at the UCCC in Greeley for The Last Habajeeba Show. I plan on continuing to spread my message and try to make the world a kinder and happier place. Here are some thoughts the hit me this week to keep me in the right …
40 of My Favorite Memories - Vol 3 Norman and the Soda Can
Todd and I are down to 38 shows left together and I am counting down by featuring some of my favorite or most impactful moments of my 30+ years here at K99. I have been having a great time reliving some of these in my brain. Goodbye is hard but this has sure been one heck of a ride.
Come Hear How I Built A New Me Saturday at Benchmark
I am very excited about the future. I plan on trying to influence, encourage and change the world one encounter at a time. I have big plans and part of that is spreading my message that you can overcome anything if you are driven enough. I have a chance to spread that message where my new life began…
40 of My Favorite Memories -Vol 2 The On-Air Vehicle Repossession
The countdown is now on until this cowboy rides away. I announced that I will be moving on, to whatever may come next, after the Habajeeba Show on January 25. We will have ticket information soon on that so download the K99 app for your phone today. I did the math, and counting my upcoming vacation,…