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Today in 1980 These Ladies Made Country Music History [VIDEO]
There have been some amazing female vocalists in the history of country music who have done some incredible things but in 1980 five of them did something together that had never been done before...they owned the top 5 spots on the country chart.
The Most Important Thing That You Make in Life is Not Money
I have reached the age where I am attending funerals more frequently than I would like. I know it is an inevitable part of the life cycle but it still is a tough thing to do. Yesterday we buried Colonel Stan Cass and it really got me thinking about life, it's meaning and our purpose here on ear…
What is the Broncos Biggest Need in Upcoming NFL Draft? [POLL]
The NFL Draft is just a week away and football will be back in the headlines. It is a long few months from the Super Bowl to the draft and I feel a sense of relief when we get to this time. The experts have made their guesses as to what the teams will do
Ten Country Songs About Weed For 4/20 Celebrations [VIDEO]
Hard to believe it has become an unofficial holiday but 4/20 is right around the corner and there will be lots of folks celebrating the occasion. Believe or not, country music could provide a whole day's soundtrack for the event with songs about the legend of Willie Nelson alone.
May 5th the Good Morning Guys Will Begin 30th Year at K99
Do you remember where you were in May of 1988? The number one country song on the charts was "It's Such a Small World" by Rodney Crowell and Rosanne Cash. The top pop song was George Michael's "Father Figure". Sean Penn's movie "Colors" was leading the bo…
Honoring the Memory of American Hero Colonel Stan Cass
It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of the passing of an incredible American hero. Colonel Stan Cass passed away over the weekend. Stan was an such a special man. He was a wonderful friend, family man and soldier among many other things.
A Few Words of Thanks for an Unforgettable 28 Hours of Hope
I never know what to expect moneywise when it comes to the 28 Hours of Hope but the one thing I can always expect is to be moved and inspired and that certainly happened again. You donated nearly $150,000 to the cause and I am still in awe. This truly is the most giving and loving community on the p…
See My Granddaughters Hilarious Drawing of Her Mother [PICTURES]
Kids are unpredictably hilarious. They do things that make you laugh without even trying and that is such a blessing. I am so fortunate to have three, soon to be four, amazing and entertaining grandchildren. Some of the best laughs you can have is when you give a child art supplies and an assignment…
My Personal Plea For Your Help With the 28 Hours of Hope
It all begins Thursday at 5 am. The 20th annual 28 Hours of Hope is just a couple of sleeps away. I will come in here Thursday morning to a lobby full of tables and phones and people I see once a year, all gathered together in anxious anticipation of making a difference and feeling the pulse and hug…