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5 Fort Collins Intersections That Need a Makeover
Traffic continues to increase throughout the city of Fort Collins, which means the spotlight on these dangerous intersections is even brighter. Which one do you think needs to be able to hit the reset button?
Bad Fort Collins Drivers Caught on Dashcam
There are bad drivers throughout Northern Colorado, but with the increase of the population of Fort Collins we have started to see many more. Have you been captured on one of these videos?
5 Must See Colorado Events in April
With the month of April right around the corner, that means festival and event season is upon us in Northern Colorado. Which events are a must see next month?
Friday Flashback Takes Us Back to Diffie Time [VIDEO]
When we were just getting started here at K99 in the late 80's and early 90's there was some great country music. There is still great country music but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for those songs and artists of that time, which is why I love doing the Friday Flashback.
Happy Birthday and Early Anniversary to My Bride Kyla
Let the celebrating begin. It is party week in my household. Today is my wife Kyla's birthday! We started the party on Wednesday night with a nice dinner with our dear friends Bob and Susan and now tonight it is family party time. My son and his clan will come join us as we celebrate
Celebrating the Power of Women on International Women's Day
I think one of the greatest things to happen in our society lately has been seeing women stand up and being heard. I love that voices that once felt they wouldn't be heard are now being set free. Today is a good day to celebrate that wave and keep it rolling with International Women's Day.
'We Are the World' Turns 33 - What 3 Country Stars Were Involved?
One of the most iconic songs in music history was released 33 years ago today. The recording industry came together to try to make a difference in the world with the song "We Are the World". I think we all pretended to sing every part in this song and imitate whoever was singing the part.
Six Movies Every Country Music Fan Should See At Least Once
I am a movie freak. I love sitting down and getting lost in a good film. I especially like movies about music. I love biographies but even if it is fictional, but is about a singer, I am generally interested. There have been some great country music movies over the years and some not so great, like …
The Five Greatest Country Bands of All Time [VIDEO]
This was one of the most difficult blogs I have tried to write. I am trying to put together a list of the best country bands of all time. There have been so many great ones through the years and whenever you do a list like this it always opens the floodgates for debate. That is awesome.