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Blake Shelton Becomes a 42 Year Old Kid Today [VIDEO]
Blake Shelton is one of the real characters in all of entertainment. He has become one of the most recognizable stars on the planet and we were there right from the very beginning. Today is Blake's 42nd birthday and shows no signs of growing up any time soon. I love that about him.
Weekly Inspiration From Inside the Mind of Brian Gary
Here I am once again with some weekly ramblings from deep inside my brain. These are some of the things that pop into my head that help me get through a day or week. Just little mental reminders of what I need to try to be or handle.
The Basics of Life - Do You Know How to Change a Tire? [POLL]
There are certain things that all of us should learn how to do at some point in our lives and changing a tire is one of them. It seems like something we should all know but according to a survey by the Cooper Tire people, 36% of us have no idea how to do it.
Fly the Red White and Blue - Today is Flag Day [VIDEO]
The sight of the American flag flying always touches me. Today we should be inundated with that sight. Today is Flag Day. It was on this date in 1777 that we adopted the flag of the United States. It should be flown and honored.
Spend Father's Day With Your Dad - Don't Wait Another Year
Father's Day will be here Sunday and I am looking forward to this one. My parents are coming in from North Dakota to go meet their new great grandchild in Holyoke and then on to Greeley to spend Father's Day with me. It is so special to get to actually spend Father's Day with my dad.
More Photographic Proof That Birds Really Do Hate Todd Harding
I think it was last year about this time that I did a story about how Todd's truck seems to anger the local bird population. Last year his truck was attacked by the precision bird dropping association in a very ugly fashion. Apparently they are back!
Loneliness Can Kill You - Get Out and Shake Some Hands
I was just reading an article somewhere in a doctor's office or somewhere, that said that lonely people are more likely to die from heart disease. That makes total sense to me. I think a broken heart is a real condition and it can be cured by human contact and interaction.