This seems to be a topic that won't die, it's all over the internet. Can't seem to log on without seeing some kind of article talking about babies in restaurants and now movie theaters. What do you think?


It all started last weekend when a Chicago chef got fed up and tweeted about an 8 month old baby in his upscale restaurant. Chef Grant Achatz, didn't throw the family out, but is considering changing the policy of the restaurant that would ban babies.

Personally I would have to agree, at least to an extent. There are times that my James and I have been out to dinner and the toddler in the next booth is standing on the seat and throwing things at us or trying to talk to us. Initially its cute and we pay attention to the child, but he/she continues to try and engage us and it is distracting from our dinner and time together. It really is the parents that upset us, acting almost as if we are their babysitter(s) so that they can have a moment together as they almost never correct the child and continue with their dinner or conversation as if nothing was going on. Please don't send me hate mail, I don't think that I have to tell you that I love children and I do think that couples with kids need to have a date night, but a date night is without kids to connect and enjoy each other.

In an informal poll taken by 49% of adults agreed with a ban on babies in an upscale restaurant. How do you feel?