As a mother the thought of guns in our schools scares me, period. Whether the gun totter is a trained teacher or a deranged psychopath. But with today's news of another rampage, my mind may be getting a bit more open to the idea.


It's being reported that 3 have been shot at a Houston area college. Witnesses have said that two men were arguing when one pulled out a gun and fired. Three people were injured in the incident, including the man involved in the argument.

Today in the Coloradoan there is a story about the Colorado bill that would allow qualified school staffers to carry a concealed weapon on school property. When I saw the headline, I ignored it and said to myself-Really?! Up till now I have been 100% opposed/against the idea, now I am not so sure.

With the introduction of Senate Bill 13-009, some Colorado lawmakers would give public educators the option of being on level ground with would-be attackers. The Republican-backed bill would authorize public school district boards to decide whether to allow employees to carry concealed handguns on school grounds, if they hold a valid concealed carry permit.

In 1990 a Gun Free School Act was passed and made it illegal to carry a weapon in a school building or on school grounds,  with the exception of police officers and guards. Senator Scott Renfroe-R-Greeley thinks that his bill is one way to protect our schools.