"Aven’s Village," named after Greeley resident Aven Mondy, will be located in Greeley’s Island Grove Regional Park. This isn't your everyday playground though.

The idea is to raise money for an inclusive playground which would cater to children with disabilities who can't use a normal playground. We all know that even 1" can wreak havoc for a child in a wheelchair or walker and Aven's Village will address those issues. The playground will have ramps to all the activities and really focus on making sure every child gets to enjoy their childhood.

The City of Greeley has been in talks with 'Shane’s Inspiration' which is a non-profit organization devoted to creating inclusive playgrounds and programs that unite children of all abilities. The Mondy family was one of the first to show great interest and so the park will be named after their daughter.

ARC of Greeley just donated $10,000 and if you'd like to help donate please follow the link below and you can find out more on "Aven's Village" coming soon to Island Grove.