As we get set for the 'Scrap 2 It Front Range Scrapbooking and Paper Craft Fair' tomorrow, I have to smile at all the memories that my two angels created for our family. Scrapbooking keeps those memories alive and close to me.

D Dennison-TSM

Every picture reminds us of a time when we were together and when you scrapbook these memories the live forever. In the world of digital this and digital that it's easy to lose track of these day to day events in our lives. We take our pictures at sporting events, school activities, wedding's, births and everything in between, but how often do you really enjoy those little memories along the road of your life? (maybe its time to stop and smell the flowers)


If you're anything like most people, almost never. You get home from your activity and some time thereafter you plug the cord into the camera or phone and computer, download the pictures and poof, the memory is tucked away. The big problem with that is you rarely actually get to relive and enjoy the moments now stored on your computer and that's why I think its important to scrapbook. You don't have to create a scrapbook for everything in life, but a few choice memories should live louder than others.


I know more than most now how important it is to have something that I can hold, even if it is 'just' a book of pictures and cute little cut outs and fancy paper. Because in the end, when its just you, a coffee cup and that little book of memories, there is absolutely nothing more special in the world. Sometimes, I just hold this one book of memories and don't even open it, silly maybe, but I am holding them and those memories are just a page turn away. (unlike trying to remember when something happened and what file on the computer I might have stored those extra special pictures)

The picture gallery here is 'just pictures', but I wanted to share with you a little bit of Ashley and Colton.