We recently took a trip up to Estes Park and of course had to stop at The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We have many awesome locations in the state including here in Fort Collins. I didn't even intend to stop there but my truck had a mind of it's own and refused to leave Estes until I stopped.

I knew going into the store that I was in trouble. We were greeted with a mouthwatering array of apples covered in various candies. It was like a buffet from heaven. My wife and daughter each got candied apples as big as a teenagers head. I walked right up to the crack counter and ordered the Avalanche. This candy is like a drug. You cannot set it down. It has peanut butter and marshmallows, chocolate and, I believe Peruvian crack. There is some kind of addictive quality in this magical creation. If you have been good and feel you deserve a little culinary naughtiness get to a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and get hooked. It will be the sweetest addiction you could ever have. I am hooked and have found the only cure is a piece of duct tape over the mouth.