The human being is an amazing creature no matter how you slice it up.  I wrote a story last week (Click here to read it) about a little boy who was trying to replace a police department patch collection he had that honored his fallen uncle who was a police officer. Mother Nature would have other plans as his collection was destroyed in their family home, along with 500 others in the Black Forest Fire outside Colorado Springs. What has happened since that story is one of the most amazing things I have seen in a long time.

The original story reached almost 150,000 people from every state and about 20 countries from across the globe and over a 100 fascinating comments on the original story itself. Hundreds are responding and to say the Jensen family is overwhelmed with the kindness is an understatement of immense proportion.  I have been told that the project has now turned into something they weren't prepared for.  In fact, Adam Romine who sent the original email and FB posting sent me an email stating that he wished he could blame me but instead was overwhelmed himself with the outpouring of care for Kyle Jensen.

I have been contacted by a few people that this story has touched, Nikole Devost, being one of them.  Today, she sent me the picture you see.  When I asked if these were patches she personally collected she answered yes,

I asked the Deputies here at the weld County Courthouse to help me with my "mission". They came through with patches from as far away as Turkey, England and Switzerland. They brought tears to my eyes, and they aren't finished yet! Amazing people here!!!!!!

My response?  Wow!

Tonja Tate from Frederick was all over this within minutes of me posting the original story saying she had sent emails through her personal PD contact to 160 police departments with many responding and sending patches including Puerto Rico San Juan Municipal Police, Switzerland Luzern police, Mexico police of the Caminos and Puertos, Germany Meidersachsen Police, and Austria Bundepolizei Police.

To the thousands of you who have responded, on behalf of myself and the Jensen family...THANK YOU!