One of the greatest honors I have ever received was the day in 2002 when I got to carry the Olympic flame. I was nominated for the local heroes program by Coca-Cola and was blown away to be chosen. I got to carry the flame down main street in Berthoud. I was given the option of a slow jog or walking. I chose to walk to make it last longer and because I am not much of a runner. I was the only one who carried the torch and wanted to take it through the drive-thru at A&W. That would have been quite a sight.


Every year when the opening ceremonies come around I get out my torch and relive my glory. I look around the rim of my torch and see the residue of where the flame burned. I get a little emotional thinking that the same flame that is burning in Sochi was once in my hands. WOW! I took my torch to some classrooms in local schools so children could get a look at what the real torches look like. The look on the faces of the kids was priceless. One child came up to me and asked me what event I was in...I couldn't stop laughing.

I have always loved watching the games but feel an even closer connection since my amazing day in 2002.