It is so hard to believe Todd and I have been together for 25 years. It has been such a blessing. The greatest thing to happen to us was when Susan joined the team about 12 years ago and the future is brighter than ever. We feel like we are just getting started.

How did it all begin? Todd and I were about the only live bodies left in the building after some ownership changes 25 years ago and were kind of thrown together as an after thought to do the show until they found people who knew what they were doing. It seemed like every time they were about to get rid of us, the person who wanted us gone would leave before they could fire us and soon after we actually got good at it.

I am so proud of what we have done here. We have been on the air through floods, fires, tornadoes, 9/11, the invention of the internet and much much more. I have seen the heart of this community and it is amazing. I am so proud of where I live and the people who live here. We have had opportunities to go to other markets but there is no place other than here that we want to be. I have been honored with a CMA award, getting to carry the Olympic flame, ACM nominations and much more. The things I am most proud of are the 28 Hours of Hope and all it does to help child abuse victims and the awareness it brings. I am also very proud of how we stand up for and with our veterans. I am proud that in 25 years we have used the power of our show to try to make a difference and I find pride in putting a smile on your face or perhaps laugh so hard you tear up or wet yourself just a little. That is the greatest compliment.

I have met a lot of cool people and been to some cool places but the greatest gift of this job has been YOU. I love nothing more than going out on an appearance and getting to meet you and talk with you. You are the reason I get up and do this each. You have let me in your home, car or office and let me be a part of your life. I promise you I am going to do all I can to stay here for the rest of my career and live this wonderful life with you. You have made me feel welcome and appreciated and I will never take that for granted. Thank you for making my dreams come true every day of my life. See you Saturday for party. You need to be there because none of this would have happened without you.