I couldn't believe it, I have fried fish before, but never has it been so good, and easy. I'd say this is the easiest fastest beer battered fish ever.



2 pounds of cod (I always have a family pack of individually wrapped frozen cod in my freezer, it's cheaper and the waste is not as high as buying fresh), 2 cups of all purpose flour, season all, garlic, pepper and cayenne. I Abbey Ale beer, or your favorite. Enough oil for frying, so that they will be completely submerged (I use my heavy dutch oven to fry them)


Pat the fish dry and season with salt and pepper. In a medium bowl combine 1 1/2 cups of flour and half a cup (maybe a touch more) in a small bowl. In the larger bowl add the seasoning's, a couple shakes of most, one shake of the cayenne and mix well (I may be called a weirdo, but I taste my flour to see that it is seasoned enough) Now add the beer to the flour in the bigger bowl. Dip the fish in the 'pancake-like' batter then lightly coat with the flour in the smaller bowl and gently slide into your hot oil that is heated to 400 degree's, keep an eye on the temp. I cook two fillets at a time and wait almost a whole minute before adding the next two, drain on a paper towel for a minute then move to a wire rack so that the bottoms don't get soggy.

Serve with Malt Vinegar or Tarter Sauce and Enjoy!!!!