Since we are gearing up for the Taste of Home Cooking School (a Taste of Home Cooking tradition since the early 2000's) on Tuesday, I thought that we would take Recipe Rescue back to 1993.


Hot pockets and a ton of foods we eat and try to stay away from were really popular in the 90s. Remember Bagel Bites, Clear Pepsi and RC Draft Cola?

Homemade (PIZZA) Hot Pockets: (even the dog can make these or your husband) :P


A can of crescent rolls, jar of pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni.


Unroll and separate the crescent rolls, coat with pizza sauce and top with cheese and pepperoni. Now top that with another crescent roll and pinch the ends together with the tines side of a fork. Bake per the crescent roll directions (I like to brush them with melted butter when they first come out of the oven) You can use any meat you like or just cheese and if you're serving this for dinner instead of a snack make sure you get a couple of pkgs of crescent rolls.