Get your X's and O's in order and I don't mean hugs and kisses! It's time to come up with a sure fire plan to break through the Superbowl Munchies.

Before the gang floods the kitchen, let's hit the line hard with some tasty plays. From O-line to special teams this strategy will break all of the rules.(no Zebra's allowed)

The Plan

  • Clean the toilet
  • Clear the dinning table and/or kitchen island
  • Fill two coolers with ice and add beer, soda and water (close the lids)
  • Set out paper plates, silverware, cups and napkins (put silverware in a tall glass)
  • First Quarter (guests arrive, pre-game yabba yabba on the tube)
  • Veggie tray (don't buy this they are too expensive instead get a bag of baby carrots, a couple broccoli crowns and a stalk of celery-do buy a veggie dip) (maybe extra veggies for hot wings later)
  • Cheese tray (only buy this if you hit the store at 6 tonight and there happens to be one in the marked down section-otherwise buy 3 8 oz packages like Colby-jack, sharp cheddar and Monterrey jack-want to go fancy deli tray style? Cover your cheese tray first with leaf lettuce, then arrange the chopped cheeses in three sections and place a pint of grape tomatoes in the center.
  • A dip- blend together a softened pkg of cream cheese with half a cup of sour cream, a small jar of artichoke hearts (optional) and a half of a bag of frozen spinach, thawed. Buy a Shepard bread loaf/bowl, cut out center, tear cut out pieces and place around bread bowl (this is what they'll use for the dip) and put the dip in the center hole. Or buy a spinach dip.
  • Put two large bowls of chips (one Doritos style and one ruffle style with a dip you buy) in the television area along with a medium bowl of mixed nuts and napkins
  • Second Quarter (hearty appetizer round) first  restock chips and nuts
  • Replacing veggies, cheese and dip are now hot wings ( get them today form your favorite wing hut-order them extra crispy so they are not mush wings tomorrow when you reheat them (get a little extra sauce on the side too, you could do the frozen store bought ones but be sure to cook them a little extra so they are not spongy)
  • Little smokies in barbeque sauce that you cooked in the crock pot. Use three packages, depending on size of party more or less, one bottle of barbeque sauce and one pkg of cooked and crumbled bacon. (you can throw this all in the crock pot on low around lunch time)
  • 3 inch subs-making these is way tooooo expensive, go to your sub shop and order five foot longs (you know the place where they are five bucks each?!) Just get a generic cold cut combo or Italian number with average toppings and a few crazy ones on the side and cut these subs into 3 inch sections, you should get 4 sections from each sandwich.
  • Half time takes care of itself-make sure that towards the last few minutes of the second quarter you restock the beverages in the coolers.
  • Third Quarter arrange all things still left to one side of your table or kitchen island and refill the chips and nuts if necessary.
  • Cookies-store bought, preferably from the bakery section of your favorite grocery store
  • Two bowls of M & M's one with and one without peanuts
  • Fruit a bowl of green and red grapes, nothing fancy-just looking for finger food with a sweet edge at this point
  • Fourth Quarter (guests are starting to leave, they've had enough of that stupid Manning or that stupid Brady and can't believe they got suckered into another stupid Giants/Pats game) :P
  • For those sticking around make sure the beverages are stocked, maybe throw on a pot of half-caf -who knows, you know your crowd, it might be warranted. And remind them there is food left if anyone is still hungry. (just put out now everything that you still have)

And that is how you do your Superbowl party, virtually stress free!