Need dinner in a quick hurry? This recipe is so simple and tasty you're sure to add it to your monthly menu, chicken cordon bleu sandwiches.

Chicken Cordon Blue Sandwiches D Dennison


What you'll need: a rotisserie chicken, 12 slices of deli ham (I used applewood smoked ham), baby swiss cheese (or reg. swiss or provolone), kaiser rolls and mayonnaise

Putting it together: I get my rotisserie chicken from Sams, a great deal and bigger than most grocery stores. I used only the breast meat, but feel free to use the whole chicken, just tear it from the bone and chop into bit sized pieces. I have a griddle that I used to prepare the meat, after cutting the chicken, I let it soak in the juices in the container and I prep the ham, I slightly brown the ham on the griddle and cut into bite sized pieces. Now, dump the chicken, juice and all onto the griddle, add the ham and mix well. After about a minute or so, spread the meat out on the griddle and top with cheese slices to cover, turn off the burner. In a hot skillet or on the griddle before making the meat, coat the inside of your buns with mayonnaise and brown. Place a piece of cheese on the bottom bun and then top with some of the meat mixture. (just using the breast meat and 12 slices of ham, I was able to feed 4 adults)

I also made up a quick homemade mac and cheese, nothing fancy, some elbow mac, velveeta, some sharp cheddar, a little milk, half a tsp of cornstarch, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper... I also threw some romaine lettuce in a individual bowls with a raw veggie mix for a little color and crunch.