I have struggled for years to come up with a pasta sauce that tasted like something other than tomatoes. I Bobby 'Flayed' them there tomatoes till there was no tomorrow and still, blah. Until I discovered that less is typically more.



1 Lg can of petite crushed tomatoes, Salt, Oregano, Basil, Thyme and Rosemary plus some Olive Oil... oh and patience!


In a medium sauce pan combine the tomatoes and spices, now I didn't put how much because I just add a little of this one and a little of that one... I like Thyme more than Rosemary so a couple shakes of the dried Thyme and one shake of the dried Rosemary, I love Oregano so I might add three shakes of the dried Oregano (I used dried almost always as I always forget to freeze my leftover fresh herbs and they end up going bad) for the salt, I use Kosher salt so a pinch or two. Let simmer (covered) for an hour, stir it once in a while and add 2 Tbs of Olive Oil in the last half hour. If you like garlic, it's really good to take about 5 cloves, peel them and whack them with your knife blade (crush them) and put them whole into the sauce, you can do this from the beginning.(don't forget to taste it often, if you aren't sure which herb it needs more of, open the jars and smell each one individually, taste the sauce again and a light bulb will go off in your head, that means you'll know what it needs, just listen to your taste buds.

Once you get this simple sauce down you can start adding things that you like such as red pepper flakes, roasted red peppers, celery or onions. It's always up to you.