Strap on the feed bag and let's get messy with mashed potatoes!

stuart_spivack, flickr

Mashed potatoes, my love, come to me and we will both be happy... yes, mashed potatoes turn me into a poet or just a weirdo, either way... let's get cooking!


Potatoes (about 5 large russets), half a stick of cream cheese (room temperature and cut into cubes or smaller pieces), 3 garlic cloves, parsley, salt and pepper, heavy cream and a stick and a half of butter.


Peel and chop the potatoes into 1 inch (ish) cubes, cover in large pot with cold water, sprinkle about a tablespoon of salt into the pot and add the 3 garlic cloves (peeled and whole) Cook the potatoes until they are fork tender, drain and pick out the garlic cloves. Now depending on how much you like garlic you can mash the cloves and add them back into your potatoes or toss them. (maybe you might want to add just one or two-go for it, it will only add more flavor) using a hand mixer (non electric) mash the potatoes till they are just all broken down a little and add the cream cheese ( a little at a time, folding the taters to incorporate the cheese with the hot taters) then add one stick of butter cut into pieces and half a cup of the cream (warm the cream up about 45 seconds in the microwave-often times I warm the butter with the cream) Now mash the potatoes until they are creamy, add salt and pepper and mix some more. If the mixture is too thick warm a little more cream and do this until it reaches the consistency that you like ( I like them creamy, but not soupy and definitely not lumpy) Transfer the potatoes to a big serving bowl and top with the half of a stick of butter cut into little pats and sprinkle with dried parsley.  Enjoy!