I have been researching recipes and trying new things on my family to come up with some kick butt recipes that are going to make you an even greater star in the kitchen. Not only is the new series of recipes going to make you a culinary genius, its going to save time and money.

Beginning the first of February we'll explore tasty dishes. Some of the new recipe series will be lighter fair to help you lose weight, keep it off or just help you feel better. When we eat a lot of wheat, dairy and fat on a daily basis it can make us feel sluggish. Often times when I eat too much meat I feel sluggish too. So the new series will lighten thing's up. Don't be scared, I will pack everything with flavor and I won't suggest you become a vegetarian. I can eat a meal without meat, but I could never live without meat in my diet.

Another great thing about the new series is that I will tame down the Barefoot Contessa in me and explore more of the Rachel Rae in me. I can't quite go all the way to Sandra Lee, but I will take her lead and open more cans. Also in Sandra Lee style I will help you create affordable meals and break down the cost's. If there is a less expensive way to make something, I will show you.

And lastly, the new Recipe Rescue series will feature some videos of me cooking. That's right, I am going to take the camera into my kitchen. I will hopefully show you some safer knife skills, explain in moving pictures what my version of a dash or swirl means and take some recipes down to a step by step instruction. By the way, I am a bit nervous about this part of my new plan, but I feel it will add a new dimension and will assist you more than just always putting the words on a piece of paper.

In the meantime I will likely put up some Superbowl snack recipes. (And they won't necessarily be too calorie friendly, but they will taste mighty good) - Go Giants! :P