Not all foods can be frozen, but did you know that you can freeze these thing's?

Foods You Can Freeze TSM


  • Cheese: let it defrost all the way before putting in fridge to keep it from crumbling
  • Homemade Pancakes and Waffles: the trick, freeze them on a baking sheet before putting in a freezer bag
  • Pasta: Store in individual serving sizes in small bags and run under hot water to have a quick meal or just add to soups and stews
  • Sandwiches: make a weeks worth of lunches, they'll stay cold till lunch time and will cut time out of your busy morning's. Don't freeze with lettuce, tomatoes or mayonnaise.
  • Potato Chips: crazy I know, but you can, thaw them completely and they will retain their crunch and taste.
  • Milk: buy it on sale and freeze it.
  • Eggs: Yep, just crack them in a freezer and hello omelet. To cut time, add the cheese and diced onions and peppers-instant breakfast.