Gary Allan's least favorite food is one of my favorites, dang! No fear here, I bet he'll like my____________

D Dennison-TSM


A bunch of Brussel Sprouts, a half a pound of bacon and sea salt


Cut the sprouts in half and wash them, place them in a strainer to drip dry while you cook you up some bacon. Cut the bacon in half inch pieces, or so, and cook till crispy. Leaving the bacon grease in the skillet add the Brussel Sprouts, toss in the bacon grease to evenly coat and cook till tender.

Now that's a Brussel Sprout even Gary Allan can wrap his mouth around! Okay, so if this doesn't convert him, we can always serve him his favorite... LOBSTER!

Congratulations to Gary Allan for his Number One "Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain) from his Ninth Album and first in 3 years: