I am pretty sure that I have mentioned this once or twice, but Christmas eve at our house is casual with a light dinner and lots of presents. Every year I try to make something fun or order out. This year I will likely make pizza surprise.


What You'll Need:

pizza dough from your local pizza place, grocery store etc...
in a pinch, use biscuits- just cut in half and roll out
favorite marinara, jarred or homemade
mozzarella cheese
(my favorite pizza ingredients also include black olives and mushrooms-what
are your favorites)

the quantities depend on how much you are making, 4 people to 20 people, just
a few minor adjustments. You'll use about a heaping tsp of cheese, a couple of
pepperonis per surprise and half a tsp of marinara per

I usually have ten people... I get one pkg of pepperonis and a pound of cheese
I make my own sauce from a can of petite diced tomatoes, if there are left overs
of sauce I just freeze or make plans to use it later in the week.

Putting It All Together:

Preheat oven to 425

If using pizza dough divide it into golf ball sized balls, sprinkle some flour on the
counter and roll each one out-I do all of them at the same time and work like an assembly
line, trust me it goes quickly and simply spread each one with marinara,
place 1-4 pepperonis down and top with cheese fold the dough inward to make
a little pocket and place seem side down on a baking sheet that you have
sprayed with a cooking spray. cook them until golden brown, about ten minutes and
serve with marinara and/or ranch dressing for dipping serve with a salad for a
meal or set out as an appetizer