Realities for Children is hands down one of the best charities I have ever had the pleasure of working with and I know many of you have supported their mission in many ways including the Realities Ride and if you ride a motorcycle of any kind your services are being requested on Saturday the 31st to help shoot a new video; at night. Does your headlight work?

This invitation comes directly from Realities founder/president Craig Secher inviting everyone who rides to gather at Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson Saturday the 31st for a short video shoot they will be doing for a new Realities Ride video.

It will not involve any riding, and will require a little patience -  they are just looking for a large shot of bikers and it is designed to deliver the message of what the Realities Ride is really all about in reaching further into the "darkness" of child abuse in our community.

The goal is to show all types, makes and models of bikes at this event and as a supporter of Realities For Children you can be assured I will be in attendance and it's my hope that if you are here in Northern Colorado and have ever ridden in the Realities Ride you too should be there.

If you want to help achieve their goal please be at Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson on Saturday the 31st. Everyone will meet in the lower parking lot between 6:30 – 7:00pm and shooting should be compete by 8PM.

Make sure your "headlights" are clean and bright because that's what this is all about, hundreds, if not a THOUSAND "headlights" on hand!

Afterwards Hooter’s is hosting some specials and they will be giving out customized Hooters and 11th Annual Ride Shirts to the FIRST 100 Bikers that show up for video shoot on the 31st.

I don't have to tell you to please extend this invite to everyone who rides! – no matter what they ride!   Please share this with everyone you know who rides, bike shops etc.

Let's face it!  Bikers KICK ASS and have given back more to their communities here in Northern Colorado than they/you realize by supporting Realities for Children and the Realities Ride.

This is all about you and the "light" that thousands of you have shared over the years so I personally hope to see that parking lot FULL on Saturday the 31st!

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See you at Thunder Mountain!