Would you tell Ray Lewis he has a nice rack? I hear he is trying to grow one. The talk is that Ray has been using a deer antler spray to help heal from his injuries. Some say it is an illegal substance, some say it isn't and Ray says he didn't use it. The makers of the product say he did. There will be some easy ways to tell.

If the 49ers come out in orange vests and covered in doe urine we know Ray was using the antler. If his horns stick out of his helmet and are velvety, he is using. If the 49ers use a big headlight on offense and it freezes Ray in his tracks, he is using. If the Gatorade is replaced with yellow acorns, he is using. If tailgaters are grilling venizon and Ray get a whiff and becomes furious, he is using.

Denver Mayor Hancock lost a bet with Baltimore and had to do the Ray Lewis dance. Check out that video here.