The card reads, 'Hi Susan, My name is Buford.  I don't bite. I don't kick.  I won't buck you off.  I'll go where ever you want me to. Can I go home with you? Thanks, Buford'

He's a dream horse and was waiting in my news studio when I came back from vacation. Curiosity sent me on a mission to find out who was behind this sweet gesture, but alas... not many clues turned up.  I did learn other morning folks got thoughtful gifts as well, but no one knew the man's name who was responsible.

He had also dropped off a very generous donation for our Guitar Auction for Honor Flight Northern Colorado. That donation brought our fundraising efforts to $25K.

This stuffed animal will be cherished and that's a guarantee, but the gift of his kindness to us and our cause just made me the good way.  How lucky we are to have listeners who go above and beyond to make the world a kinder one.

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