If you have a mortgage that pays the property taxes automatically, you're in the clear, but if you opted to handle this yourself, time is running out. Property taxes in Larimer County are due Wednesday.

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In a press release from Larimer County, the Treasurer reminds property owners that the deadline for paying taxes is Wednesday.

Taxpayers are encouraged to mail payments to the Larimer County Treasurer, P.O. Box 2336, Fort Collins, CO 80522. Payments must have a U.S. Postmark of April 30, 2014 or before, to be considered timely. Any payments received with a postmark after April 30th will be considered late and will be subject to delinquent interest in accordance with to Colorado State Statutes.

If your property taxes are not paid in full for the current year by September 30, including interest fees, the county will advertise your property for public auction or tax lien sale.

Contact the Treasurers office if you have any question (970) 498-7020