With the election less than a week away, President Obama and Republic Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan were both back in Colorado yesterday. Which got me to wondering, does a rally in front of all of your own supporters really do your campaign any good. Your are not going to change anyone's mind. Everyone there is already a supporter and if they are not, they are there to protest you and really hate you and will never change their mind. I just don't get it!

That being said:  Nearly 1,000 Romney supporters gathered at Island Grove Park in Greeley Yesterday to hear Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan speak.

Mitt Romney’s running mate spoke to the crowd for 15 minutes. His wife Janna was in the audience. U.S. Rep Cory Gardner, and County Commissioner Chairman Sean Conway also spoke to the crowd. Ryan also make a stop in Montrose, Colorado yesterday.

President Barack Obama spoke to about 10 thousand supporters at Coors Events Center in Boulder last night. The president will return to Colorado for a rally in Aurora on Sunday night.