I am so jacked for tonight's Bronco preseason opener against the 49ers. I have waited since February for some real football and the wait is over...kind of. Preseason football is a welcome sight but it isn't really football. Preseason football is like turkey bacon. It isn't real bacon but it kind of looks and tastes like bacon and is easier on the heart. We won't get all worked up about if they win or lose so our hearts don't take a beating but we get a little bit of that savory taste in our mouths. Enough to make us crave the real thing.

I will be watching tonight with joy and salivate at the thought of the real season starting in just a month. The real bacon will be served in September but we will take the safe, harmless, bacony tasting preseason for now and it will excite the palate tonight. I am expecting big things this year. Let the games begin.