My dog Jazz is now 10 years-old. She's a standard poodle and it's well-documented that larger dogs have shorter life spans than smaller dogs. As I notice her slowing down, my time with her grows more precious every day. It's so nice to know that specialized care is so close.

Down the road from me is Peak Veterinary Specialist & Emergency. They are working on renovating the old Guaranteed Bank Building in Windsor to create a larger, upgraded facility. While renovating, they moved in the new CT scanner. This machine weighs 4,500 pounds and will be a major benefit for the animal community in Northern Colorado.

Check it out here...

Chris Hernandez/TSM

The Aquilion S16 CT Scanner is the only one of its kind owned by a private practice in Northern Colorado. The 16 slice, spiral scanner is like taking an old black and white TV and updating to HD! Using this scanner on animals in Northern Colorado is an amazing gain to our furry friends.

The scanner will cut back on the time needed to scan animals from an average of 45 minutes to just 15 minutes. This sounds way better for the animals, and like an easier process for all involved really. Speaking of which, with the new scanner, they only have to sedate the animals they are treating, not put them under heavy anesthesia.

The Aquilion S16 CT Scanner is a faster and more efficient way to screen for cancer in an animal. Also, if a dog is hit by a car or some other unfortunate accident occurs, the new scanner can get information to the doctors at Peak Veterinary Specialist & Emergency right away, instead of waiting for up to a week as was the case with previous methods. Additionally, if a dog is having back issues, the scanner is light-years faster than a traditional X-ray.

This all sounds great for me and my dog. Jazzy isn't one to sit around. She is go, go, go! After all, she follows me, who knows first hand that accidents happen, and so does old age!

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