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I Found the Best Cuban Restaurant in Colorado
One of the perks of living in Florida was the Cuban sandwiches. I got addicted to them instantly and every time we make a trip down there to visit family, I get my fill. The one and only thing I wanted for my birthday this year was a Cuban sandwich...
Johnstown Couple Could Face Charges for Brownies
A Johnstown couple couple be facing felony charges after their daughter took pot brownies to school according to the Greeley Tribune. The daughter brought the brownies to school and smelled of marijuana. The incident prompted people who knew the daughter asked officers to check up on her...
Happy Birthday to the Ultra Cool Hal Ketchum [VIDEO]
I love going to back to when I first began at K99 and pulling out some of the great songs I was playing when this career began. I remember back in the very early 90's hearing a guy named Hal Ketchum and thought his folksy, unique style was a breath of fresh air.

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