October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I encourage everyone to support the cause to battle breast cancer.  That being said, my good friend and former co-worker Cyndy Kukus is battling stomach cancer right now with intense Chemotherapy treatments and wanted me to remind everyone that breast cancer is not the only cancer we should be concerned about.  I wanted to share Cyndy's letter with you because I agree with her 100%.

Dear Brian and Todd and the rest of you awesome air talents at K99,

I know this letter might sound stupid but I had to write it. The word needs to get out and people need to be aware!! As you both know, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer in April. What you may not know is that it took almost a whole year of whining to my doctor and actually switching offices for anything to actually happen. The problem is lack of awareness. Surely there's awareness for stomach cancer you say? No. The month of October is amazing. People raising awareness for breast cancer, everyone is wearing pink. The NFL is supporting the American Cancer Society in raising awareness, Safeway is giving 3% back of purchases to support the cause.. and although I support it completely, I feel like it's a slap in the face. In the last 6 months there are TWO other people that I know personally, that live right here in Colorado that have been diagnosed with Stomach Cancer. The problem is, people grow old and sure, bodies change. You get new aches and pains and you kind of learn to push it out of your head, kind of disregard it as nothing. You take a pill, convince yourself that you're feeling better and .. guess what. You're not.


Stomach Cancer is the 2nd highest cause of cancer deaths world wide. What is #1? Lung Cancer. Breast Cancer comes in 3rd on this list but somehow it's just happens to be the one that everyone supports. Now please don't get me wrong, I am thankful that there is awareness for Breast Cancer. It still saves lives, women (and men) are doing more self exams because of the awareness. Think of how many more lives could be saved if there was the same amount of time, money and energy put into Stomach, Lung, Carcinoid, and Pancreatic Cancer in November. To Cervical Cancer in January. Hell, even Gallbladder and Bile Duct Cancer Awareness in February deserves SOME recognition? And a good point that my friend Nicole pointed out, WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDHOOD CANCERS???  September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month (among many other cancers) and I do not recall any sort of hubbub from the media or ANYONE to raise awareness. You remember Delaney Wadsworth, that hit close to home, and you remember all the heartbreaking things she and her parents had to endure. This is happening. It can happen at any time, at any age. I've said it before... cancer doesn't discriminate. Please help me,  do something to help raise awareness for all cancers.

Thank you at least for listening to my rant.

Love you two,



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