There are only 85 shopping days until Christmas. Did I just make you quiver? I know it’s not even Halloween yet but if you want to get through the holidays with a little less stress this year you should start your shopping now. I actually have this year. I already have several presents bought and I feel less pressure already. Think about it, after Halloween you have only 3 weeks to get ready for Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be here before you know it. This is the time to get it done.

I know the stores try to push the Black Friday sales but you wouldn’t catch me there for all the bacon in America. If you put aside one day each week to buy one gift until Christmas you would be done and relaxed even before they even think of stressing you out. Buying a gift a week will also be kinder on the pocketbook instead of just beating the hell out of it the couple weeks before Santa comes. Believe me, I am no shopping expert but I do know a lot about stress and this plan can help. I have chosen Wednesday as my gift buying day to help me get over the hump of the shopping task. Let me be the first to say Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. Did you just tell me to zip my lips? I understand.