There have been far too many accidents in Fort Collins in the most recent past. It seems every time I turn around another cyclist verses motor vehicle accident is being reported and the fatalities are increasing.


Yesterday, near my home, there was a situation where the traffic was crazy and a man on a cycle died. I know this area well and the traffic is nuts, no question about it.  People fly by so fast without nearly a cause or care for their surroundings. I am aware that this could be said of many areas around Fort Collins and other cities, but this area seems to be especially bad these days.

I don't know what the solution is or how to change the way that we act and react to each other on the roadways, but something has to give and soon.

I hope that the family of James Fogelburg, a Boulder cyclist can find some rest today. Losing someone unexpectedly is horrifying. As you walk through your day, making your dinner, watching your tv the news comes that a loved one has died, it is painful. Death in general is tough to deal with and painful in its own right, I know and I think of each and every family that I know or hear of that must go through this kind of pain. To the family of Mr. Fogelburg, I am sorry for your pain and your loss. I am sorry that he will not be there tomorrow or the day after to be by your side, to joke with you to cry with you or even to bicker with you. I wrap my arms around you and offer peace, calmness and rest.

Please let this be a reminder to pay more attention on the roadways, let's remember that driving is the main event not something that just get's you from point A to point B while you are putting one make up, eating or texting. And please remember too that there is nothing worth rushing through traffic and dodging cars that could cost you your life or the life of another. And cyclists please be aware, I know that you have rights, I appreciate that, but pay attention too, especially when the traffic is so horrible as it is mostly anymore. Together we can reduce this chaos and all be safer.