Parking is difficult enough in Old Town Fort Collins on a Saturday night; but it’s nothing compared to parking in Manhattan.  So if you’ve got the money, why not shell out seven figures for a great parking spot? (I’ll give you a hint: because it’s ridiculous.)

According to MSNBC’s Bottom Line, Manhattan’s first million-dollar parking space will go on the market this fall.

The spot is a private garage in a new upscale condo building.  It’s about 12 feet by 23 feet, but that’s not all!

So what does the owner get for a million bucks plus maintenance fees? Direct street access thanks to a curb cut in front of the garage door, along with 15-foot ceilings. The ceilings are high enough that the spot can be “duplexed;” that is, an elevator can be added so the owner can stack two cars in the space.

[via Bottom Line.]

Before you start saving your pennies, keep in mind that you must also buy a $39 million condo in the same building to be eligible to purchase the primo parking space.  The garage must also have its own separate deed and sales contract.

The New York Post calculated that you would have to get a $115 parking ticket every day for 24 years to equal the cost of what it calls ”the city’s gaudiest garage.”

Personally, I’d rather risk it with the meter maids.

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