What happens when you live in a place like Norway, down in a valley, where the Sun rarely gets to. You harness the Sun and bring it to you.

The town of Rjukan, about 90 miles from Oslo rarely sees the sun, even on sunny days. So engineers have finally devised a plan to bring the sun into town which sits in a deep valley and steeped in cold, all the time.

It's not the first time the idea has been proposed.  The idea was actually first talked about 100 years ago but it never got off the ground, I assume due to technology.  Instead, they built a gondola to bring townspeople up to the sunshine.

Welcome to the 21st Century! Engineers have installed 3 huge mirrors on the top of a neighboring mountain.  The mirrors are computer controlled and follow the exact path of the sun bringing in 80-100% of the suns rays into their sleepy town and blanketing almost 7000 sq ft of space with warmth.

Sounds like something I have seen many a mad evil genius do on Saturday morning cartoons.