The wussification of America continues. I already hate the fact that some schools have made it so there are no winners or losers in games because we can't let a child feel the pain of losing. This is insane. So many valuable lessons and personal qualities can be gained and learned by how you react to failure. We are raising a generation of non driven wussies. I am baffled everyday I read the news.

Today I read where in a middle school in New York that they are no longer able to bring balls out for recess because someone may be hurt by a flying ball. Come on!!! The game is called "DODGE" ball not "ball". We learn to move and avoid the ball. Good life skills to know. We learn that if a football is coming at us we should catch it with our hands so it doesn't hit our face. Another good skill to learn. We can learn a lot from balls. We learn to throw, catch, duck, run and teamwork. All good skills. Let's quit being so over protective and let us fall and get hurt and be wrong and make mistakes and learn from them all. That is how we grew up. Let's not rob our children of the same opportunities we had to learn, play, win, lose, fail and overcome.