When to take down the Christmas decorations.  That can be an argument waiting to happen in some homes...

When I grew up, Mom always had my brother and I taking down the tree and decorations NO LATER than January 2nd. The holidays were over, it was time to clean up!

But I know people- you've probably seen them too-they love to keep the Christmas lights up long past New Year's Day!

My ex always wanted to keep the decorations and tree up until Valentine's Day- the LIVE tree! Until Valentine's!

She would keep it up all year she loves Christmas THAT much!

So, we would compromise every year:

It could all stay up through January, but if was still up on Groundhog Day, I would make her watch "Groundhog Day"- (she didn't care for Bill Murray)--problem solved!

How about at your house- when does Christmas come down?

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