I came across a news story this morning that took me by surprise. I mean who needs an 'App" to make sure they don't forget their children in a car?  Really?

My first thought was probably just like yours!  If you need an app to not forget your children in your car...you probably should't be a parent. And if I did have this app, I sure as heck wouldn't admit.

Maybe I am being too crass and should acknowledge a great idea. I just have a hard time calling a device to make sure you don't forget your kids a "good idea."  Of course it's a good idea because if it saves one life it's all worth it.

My stance though is that if you took the damn smart phone away, those parents wouldn't be so distracted they'd forget their baby...on a hot Summer day in the car!

I don't care how distracted you are...HOW DO YOU FORGET YOUR CHILD?