Ever notice that in your family there is the overachiever, the social butterfly or the mellow yellow peace lover? It may be your parents fault.


Here's a test that will show you which order you were likely born in, statistically speaking anyway. Let's see which one of these scenarios you connect with:

  • You've planned your trip, made reservations, researched restaurants and if you're driving you have changed the oil in the car and know where all the gas stations, ie: restrooms are along your way to your destination
  • You waited till the morning of leaving to throw some thing's together in a bag and don't remember till you start the car that you need gas.
  • Wow, this trip sounds fun! You are laid back let the planning to the others, take a backseat and enjoy the fruits of their labors by eating their snacks and enjoying that they knew where to stop every four hours (or less)

Okay, quickly... which one did you say that is me or at least said that is kind of me and if you didn't recognize yourself, did you instantly say that's my brother?

If the first one was closest to how you feel you are likely the first born, if you waited till the last minute and just threw some things together you may be the middle child (or second born) if you found comfort with scenario number three you are quite possibly the baby of the family.

With my kid its always been a little funky in the birth order thing, on one hand Zachariah was the leader and on the other hand he expected others to do "it" for him, maybe that was the silent delegator in him. Natasha was the organized one, she always labeled things (still does), everything has its place and she is extremely frugal and a minimalist. Ashley was bossy, so she kind of had that first born thing going on (there were 5 years between Zachariah and Natasha to Ashley and Colton (female problems kept me from having them any closer together) but she was also the peacemaker. She always put everyone first. Colton was definitely the baby, there is no denying that. He was strong and outspoken, but definitely the baby. So, I guess I'm confused about birth order because although they all have/had birth order traits they have some of them all too. I thought it was a neat concept though, thanks for playing along.