How do you like your iced tea? I like it just the way it comes freshly brewed over ice with 2 Splenda's.

Oh and you can keep your lemon... I love it in water, but can't stand it in tea! :)

My Ashley loves all kinds of tea, but especially sweet tea (she was born in Florida) and it seems the sweeter the better.

How do you like your tea? I have one friend that loves to mix her iced tea with lemonade and vodka... maybe that's for another blog... lol

Iced tea around the world:


  • In Austria it is heavily sweetened-standard
  • Belgium and the Netherlands the ice tea is carbonated
  • In Canada, iced tea is sweetened and flavored with lemon-more and more though it is made at home from a powder or obtained in bottles or cans
  • China likes to brew hot tea and put it in the refrigerator ... they use green, black and oolong teas typically
  • The most common teas in Germany are from Nestea and Lipton flavored with lemon or peach
  • In Italy, iced tea is a most popular drink, like Germany in lemon and peach flavor(s)
  • In Switzerland iced tea is very common in the summer months and typically flavored with peppermint
  • Thailand brews their tea strong, pours it over ice and adds sugar along with condensed milk

Believe it or not, I could keep going with the iced tea around the world thing. The long and short of it is that Iced Tea is universal and loved by most... so again... How do you like your tea? Scroll down to the comment section and let me know.