So a bus pulls up in front of K99 yesterday and 3 musicians pile out along with a driver and a record company guy. I honestly didn't know much about these guys, but I did know the name of their band was "Due West".  A handful of us were in for a very pleasant and head-bobbing surprise!

This trio is made of Tim Gates (Lead Vocals), Brad Hull, and Matt Lopez.  Due West is brand new to most of America. However,  they have all been in Nashville for over a decade trying to get that big break.  They did a 3-song acoustic set for a bus-load of K99 employees, who are now fans. (Including myself) Their harmonies melted together like a pad of butter on warm cinnamon roll. Listen for yourself to their new single "Taste of Your Love":

Drew from Star Painter Productions captured the magic with his video camera.  Star Painter Productions can do videos for any of your events  including weddings, corporate events and medical educational and informational videos.  Check out their Facebook Page. This next song is called "End of the Road".

The final song Due West did for us was "Things You Can't Do In A Car".

During the performances I was able to snap a few pictures with my iPhone.