The world is an amazing place and everyday,it gives up new secrets and adds new ones. Like this mysterious underwater crop circle discovered off the coast of Japan in 2012. How was it created and by whom?  I can tell you it's not human.

The first mysterious underwater crop circle was first discovered off the coast of Japan in 1995 with more showing up soon after.  It was more than a decade before scientist finally discovered the culprit: A new species of pufferfish.

The little puffer in question is only about 5" in length but when done trying to attract his mate the perfect geometric circles measure about 7' in diameter.

It seems as thought the male will swim in certain ways to create different patterns.  Once done, the females will check out the circle and if they like what they see, they will reproduce by laying their eggs directly in the center.  The female will leave immediately and the male will fertilize the eggs and then stay around for about a week.

Just another amazing thing the world has to offer.  I wonder how many other cool things have not yet been discovered?