It was another fantastic weekend to live in Colorado. We live in the greatest area on the planet here in Colorado. We have so many great events, activities and God make beauty to take in at any time. The best the world has to offer is right here in our own backyard. This weekend my family and I took a lot of it in.

Brian Gary. TSM

We started out on Friday morning by taking the beautiful drive up to Estes Park. We stopped in Estes and ate at Bob and Tony's Pizza, our favorite pizza place in Estes Park. I love the pizza and the people there. They are always so kind to us whenever we come and visit. We ate pizza and played in the arcade and then headed on up to Rocky Mountain National Park to check out the elk and the scenery. My grandson Zander had an amazing time seeing all the beauty. He and Gramma walked hand in hand up to climb some rocks and have their breath taken away by the pure beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park. You feel very small in it's grandeur.


Saturday was Fritzler Corn Maze day. The kids went out and had an absolute blast at this gem of Northern Colorado. The Fritzler family are such wonderful people and they have created a place that is 'Disney in a field' for families. The kids went through the maze, they met dinosaurs, Transformers and all sorts of creatures. They had their faces painted and permanent smiles when they got home. Thank you to the Fritzler family for creating such a fun time for families.


Sunday my granddaughter Kirzi came to visit and spent the day with us. Her and her cousins Zayden and Zander has a ball just playing in the backyard and being kids. They wore out gramma and papa but there is nothing like watching all of your grandchildren play together.

Kyla Flaa, TSM

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. What a great couple of days to rekindle my love for this great state and my incredible family. I am blessed.

Brian Gary, TSM