My son and I are very close. I think the world of my boy and am so proud of him and all of his accomplishments. He has been everything a father hopes his son turns out to be. He even just purchased his first home last week. I am so excited to go see his home. That is one of the landmark moments in life, owning a home.

Brian Gary, TSM

We have wanted to go out and see it but haven't had the time yet. He lives in Holyoke and it takes an empty schedule to get out there, which we haven't had yet. We were thinking we would go out there this weekend and finally see it when my son sent me text to bribe me to make the trip. He sent me picture of 8 rib-eye steaks that he says would be sitting on the grill if we come out. Well get the steak sauce ready because that pushed me over the edge. I cannot wait to get there and see what he has purchased and sink my teeth into a steak. Meat works better than money as a motivator for a big man. Well done on the house son and medium rare on the steak please.