You see us coming down the road, approaching in the fast lane for a pass on a nice Spring day. What do you do...keep your window open or close them.?

So I am scootin' down Hwy 34 to work yesterday just minding my own business with some Dierks Bentley wafting out of my iPod into my quad speaker system and bounce into the left lane to pass a vehicle.  Said vehicle was doing 65mph and I have the cruise set at 70mph.  {I'm a 5mph over speed guy unless in a school zone.}

I only mention the above to set the stage as I wasn't ripping 80+ with pipes at full cackle!

As I move into the passing lane I notice a glance in the mirror and the drivers side window starting to go up. I have no idea why I took notice of it after all the years I have been riding but it stuck out as odd and my suspicions were correct.

The gal, in her mid 30's, was smoking a cig so I knew it was because of me and sure enough as I passed her I noticed in my mirror her window being rolled back down and for a split second I was offended. Not sure why, but I was.

Then I grinned and cackled away on my Harley 'love it' Davidson as "Rebelicious" by Jamey Johnson kicked in. Maybe she just didn't like Dierks Bentley.  {Jamey Johnson by the way is at the Grizzly Rose tonight.}

Sidebar: Me personally?  When I am in the cage and I see a bike or bikes coming up I will purposely roll down or crack the window and take it all in.  What about you? This isn't a right or wrong thing rather a personal choice and no one shall be judged by this court.