We went to Holyoke over the weekend for a "Baby Reveal Party". This was so cool. My son Nick and his love Kia went to the doctor, who wrote the sex of the baby on a note, then took it to a baker in another town so no one in town would know what it was. It is hard to keep a secret in a small town. The baker then made a cake with a swirl in it. Pink would mean girl and blue would mean boy.

It was a great time. The house was beautifully decorated in pink and blue. There was a blue punch bowl and a pink one. There were Hershey bars with the HE and SHE highlighted in pink and blue on the wrapper. They really did it up right. I got to meet all of Kia's friends and family and Kyla and I were there for NIck. It felt a bit like the scene in Big Fat Greek Wedding where we showed up with a bundt cake. What a wonderful family we are joining.

Brian Gary, TSM

Well the moment finally came and Nick and Kia cut into the cake to find a pink swirl. We all screamed with excitement. It wouldn't have mattered what color came up. We all still would have cried and cheered. We are thrilled to have a baby granddaughter waiting to come into this world. We know that they are going to be amazing parents and the baby will be surrounded with love. What more could you ask for? I cannot wait to until August to meet this little girl.

Brian Gary ,TSM