It seems as though I have always had an issue with my jeans. And I don't just mean too tight or too loose.

In the 80's our jeans were so high, I think the "waistline" went up to our rib cages. Then they came out with the skinny jean of the 80's with such a tight fit around the ankle you could barely get your foot through the pant leg. So we fast forward to today... wow!

Our blue jeans today are comfy... too comfy sometimes. And why shouldn't they be, most are made with spandex anymore. Or something similarly stretchy. So for a girl if you really wear an 8 you can now fit into a 6 and you too can show off your underwear when you ride a bike or sit down.

I have some stretchy jeans and still have some no budge jeans. Can't stand the latter after an all you can eat night. I have a pair with a lot of holes, yes, I bought them that way and a pair with a couple of almost holes-again, yes, I bought them this way. I have to say that my holey jeans are my most favorite and my James' least favorite. The waist is comfortable, they have a little stretch and the holes, well I'm not sure what benefit the holes have in the comfort of the jean, but it just works for me.

I have jeans that sit on my hips, some just above and one pair just below. The pair that fit just below are what I call hoodie jeans... can't really wear anything with them but a hoodie to cover up my um... let's say age... lol! The jeans that fit above my hip line are bothersome. To think that I have spent most of my life wearing jeans like this is crazy, they are so uncomfortable and binding. The jeans that fall right at the waist or hip line-in the area, fit the best... with or without spandex. The way I think guys have always worn their jeans... you can breathe and you have complete mobility and overeating doesn't send you into a gastrointestinal nightmare because your stomach isn't being 'scwooshed'. (I don't think that is a real word, but I think you know what I mean)

So, what is my Hate relationship with my jeans... well, my favorite jeans fit comfortably at the hip line or just above, slightly... think about it... your hands are full and you go to sit down, your pants fall. They don't fall off or down to embarrassing levels, just enough to feel like you are Marky Mark and when you sit down, its just awkward. Or if you throw on Thursday's pants for Saturday's errands they have a bit more stretch than they would right out of the dryer and now you have a gallon of milk in your one hand and eggs in the other and you feel your pants inching down-there's nothing you can do, other than walk like a 14 year old boy. (you know what I mean, their pants are so low with their boxers hanging out that they have to actually walk with their legs slightly spread apart, like their doing the monster mash or something.)

The sane answer would be to buy pants that fit a bit tighter with less stretch to them and a whole lot of uncomfortable. So I will, if you allow me, just continue to occasionally complain while I remain comfy in my pants. This of course is all silly, but we have all either been here or witnessed someone like me just trying to make it to the check out before losing her pants. :)