I have been very busy putting the finishing touches on my "man cave". This is my room where I have everything I love. My music,my movies, my awards, my toys and all my mementos. Everything in this room has a story.

Last night we were putting the finishing touches on the room and unloading the final boxes of stuff when I came across my "puke towel". I was always a sickly guy, even when I was a kid. I used to have stomach ailments that made me sick a lot. I used to puke several times a week and whenever I was feeling sick my mom would give my towel to hold which always made me feel better. I used that towel until I became an adult and it came along with me everywhere I have gone. It is now 44 years old but in great shape and has years of comfort yet to give. I could never throw this thing away. I recently threw away the pillow I had used for about 30 years that I refereed to as my "little bag of stuff". It was nothing more than a few chunks of foam in a pillow case with a knot tied in it. This strange little items bring me comfort and still do to this day. What do you have that you just get yourself to throw out?

Brian Gary, TSM