Paul opened at theaters this past weekend and I went to see it at The Metrolux 14 in Loveland on Sunday!  What did I think of it?

I wasn't super eager to see the 'road trip with an alien' movie, but when I saw the cast list, and a B+ rating from Entertainment Weekly- I decided to roll the dice!

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost play British geeks in the U.S  to see Comic Con and then road trip in their RV to see all the famous "alien' landmarks across the southwest- like "Area 51".

Out on the road, they run into Paul. Paul is an alien who's been cooped up in a government facility for some 60 years since he crash landed. But now the Feds want to dissect him since he's outlived his usefulness.  He's out on the lamb.

Aside from being from another planet, Paul is pretty much just a regular Joe.  He likes to joke, party and be rude -he's voiced by Seth Rogen in a great role. He becomes fast friends with the boys- and a girl (Kristen Wiig) they happen to take along after she discovers Paul.

Jason Bateman heads up the Men in Black team that are on the trail of the four in that RV!

Bateman's  boss is played by Sigourney Weaver.

So, you've got a great cast, a kooky concept and an RV.  Then the party starts!

Kristen Wiigs character Ruth Buggs lived on a farm with her pastor father- until she gets in that RV -seeing Paul changes everything for her- and the guys.

She feels released and ready for anything- especially swearing!  The R rating that the movie has is due in large part, by the amount of profanity throughout the remainder of the film. Everywhere!

So, if you're afraid you might be offended by such language, I would think twice about seeing it- but if cursing like a sailor is OK with you- you're going to love it!  Jason Bateman utters a phrase that I will be using for at least the next 2 weeks- FUNNY! But DIRTY!

The movie also features little homages to other movies- especially Steven Spielberg movies- be on the lookout-there are a lot!

Overall- I say roll the dice- it's a fun sci-fi, buddy, romance flick. Really!

Did you see it? What did you think? Comment BELOW and let me know!

You get more on the movie at their website!