Things are different on a bike and amplified more than other vehicles.  Like drafting!  There is no better feeling than rolling down the road on your bagger and feeling that sensation of drafting behind a semi...always give's me that warm and fuzzy feeling.  But, then there's the road tar!

You know the feeling.  Heading around a corner and your front tire hit's those squiggly tar lines in the road and depending on warmth and tires, it's like hitting a pile of snot!

I'm pretty brave when it comes to most things.  I mean, I have no problems riding in hail storms or coming back from Walden down the canyon and dodging deer for 50 miles.  But when it comes to making a turn and I see all those lines in the road will make a feller pucker up.  And more times than not it's too late when you hit them and the sensation of feeling your scoot start sliding out from underneath you is the most uneasy feeling I can think of.

Am I crazy or do these stupid lines while cornering cause you to leave skid marks once in awhile!  I have never seen a bike go down from it but I imagine it has.  If you hit one of those lines just right I assume your front end would slide right out from under you.

Have you ever gone down and do they make you just as nervous?